Treatment for Lung Cancer

MSK medical oncologist Alexander Drilon with a patient

Alex Drilon and other MSK medical oncologists provide specialized treatment to people with lung cancer.

Every person who comes to Memorial Sloan Kettering for lung cancer treatment receives compassionate, personalized care from our expert disease management team. Your team will include doctors, nurses, and other experts whose sole focus is cancer that arises in the chest.

Specialists from all areas of lung cancer care will design a treatment plan especially for you. Bringing together experts in surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, personalized medicine, and quality-of-life issues helps us ensure that we choose the combination of therapies that will most effectively treat your cancer and provide you with the best outcome possible.

How We Care for You
  • Our surgery patients benefit from the experience of a team that performs more than 1,200 operations for lung cancer each year, with one of the lowest complication rates in the country.
  • Our patients have access to new chemotherapy drugs through our program of clinical trials.
  • We personalize your treatment using genetic information about your tumor.
  • We deliver powerful doses of radiation therapy directly to tumors through the most precise methods available.
  • Our rehabilitation experts help you manage the side effects of lung cancer and its treatments.

Because we are engaged in research related to all aspects of care, we’re the first to be aware of the latest scientific discoveries and medical advances. We’re also constantly testing new ways to fight lung cancer. This means that patients at MSK have access to clinical trials of new treatment options that are not available in most other hospitals.