Young Adult Workshop: Movement and Music


Explore ways to connect and share with others through movement and music during this virtual workshop! Come join Jenn, the instructor, and other young adults for these 30 minute interactive sessions.

This workshop is for young adults receiving care at MSK ages 16 to 30.

October 5: Hip Hop Basics

Are you looking for a fun way to move your body and learn some new dance moves? In this workshop, you will learn basic Hip Hop dance moves that are energetic and freeing! We will begin with a short warm-up that incorporates body isolations, strengthening, core work, and rhythmic patterning. You will learn a short dance sequence using a variety of song choices from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, for a fun, full body workout. 

October 12: Barre Basics

Barre Basics is a fun and energizing class that combines beginner level ballet positions and stretches for pelvic alignment and mobility. This workshop will break down the building blocks of barre to improve posture and flexibility during everyday activities. We will focus on toning abs, legs, back, and arms to help improve your range of motion and move with confidence!

October 19: Meaning Through Music

Meaning Through Music will help you to connect, share, and give voice to your personal experiences! In this workshop, we will explore popular songs as a way to guide your feelings.

October 26: Moving Mindfully

Do you need a moment of restfulness and calm? In this workshop, we will learn gentle movements that can be done in bed or sitting in a chair. We will start with light stretching, then engage your breath and body from head to toe to promote total body connectivity, and end with meditation to bring your mind and body into deep relaxation.

Meet Our Instructor: Jennifer (Jenn) Whitley is a board-certified Dance/Movement Therapist (DMT) and Licensed Creative Arts Therapist. Jenn began working at MSK in 2012 with a focus on medical DMT in pediatric oncology. She is a provider for the IM @ Home Virtual Program through MSK’s Integrative Medicine Service, offering Dance Cardio, Dance Therapy, and other dance and DMT-focused workshops. Her extensive training in various forms of dance inform her classes, where she fuses the forms with therapeutic, mindfulness, and somatic movement experiences. Jenn is passionate about bringing dance to people diagnosed with cancer. 

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