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Luis Parada in his lab
Why Do Brain Tumors Often Return After Treatment? MSK Researchers Say Stem Cells May Be Key
In a new study, MSK researchers looked at why glioblastoma brain tumors usually come back after treatment. Their findings suggest that a subset of cells — cancer stem cells — are able to evade current treatments because they are not actively dividing, and that these cells later form new tumors.
Memorial Sloan Kettering physician-scientist Michel Sadelain.
Clinical Trial for Beta-Thalassemia Brings Important Insights for Treating Blood Disorders with Stem Cell Gene Therapy
A gene therapy approach could prove effective at treating an inherited blood disorder called beta (β)-thalassemia.
Separate headshots of three researchers — Diana Mandelker, Jorge Reis-Filho, and Fresia Pareja
How a Mishap in Early Development Can Lead to a Lifetime of Cancer Risk
MSK researchers have found mutations that arise in embryos can convey a risk of cancer that’s similar to what’s seen in people with inherited cancer mutations.
Young girl
New Research Shows the HPV Cancer Vaccine Saves Lives
Learn why MSK recommends that children be vaccinated against HPV.
SKI scientists David Scheinberg and Derek Tan
Sloan Kettering Institute Scientists Retool CAR T Cells to Serve as ‘Micropharmacies’ for Cancer Drugs
These souped-up versions may help overcome some limitations of existing CAR T cells.
Valerie Rusch, Murray Brennan, Bob Li, Charles Rudin
Memorial Sloan Kettering and the Chinese Thoracic Oncology Group Discuss Opportunities for Further Collaboration to Accelerate International Clinical Trials During Annual Symposium
Building on their long-term shared commitment to international collaboration on cancer research and care – Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK)...
African-American surgeon in scrubs and mask leaning over patient in OR.
2021 in Review: 10 Important Clinical Advances in Cancer at MSK
Learn about some of the most important clinical advances made at MSK in 2021.
healthy foods
6 Tips to Improve Your Immunity
Learn how to keep your immune system balanced.
Santosha Vardhana
How Does COVID-19 Affect People with Blood Cancer? MSK Researchers Investigate
MSK researchers have led much of the research looking at how people with blood cancers respond to COVID-19 infections and vaccines.
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Diane Reidy-Lagunes, Monique James, Yusuf Hasan, Linda Mathew
MSK and the Abyssinian Baptist Church Share Ways to Stay Healthy This Holiday Season
In this online discussion, panelists give tips for managing both your physical and mental well-being during the holiday season, especially against the backdrop of the ongoing pandemic.