Center for Precision Disease Modeling

Biologist Scott Lowe and physician-scientist David Solit

Scott Lowe (left) and David Solit are co-directors of the Center for Precision Disease Modeling.

The Center for Precision Disease Modeling unites and expands Memorial Sloan Kettering’s infrastructure and research to create an innovative center using genomic information, in vivo models, and preclinical and co-clinical studies to enhance the understanding and treatment of disease.

  • Mission & Goals

    The Center for Precision Disease Modeling develops and exploits model systems to understand the physiological impact of genetic changes associated with disease.

  • Leadership

    The Center is led by experts in cancer biology, molecular oncology, and molecular pharmacology.

  • Mouse Hospital Unit

    The Mouse Hospital Unit helps integrate mouse and human clinical trials at MSK, ensuring that the mouse trials effectively mimic the treatment plans of human patients.

  • Mouse Modeling Unit

    The Mouse Modeling Unit provides investigators with access to cutting-edge models to explore relationships between genetics and disease phenotypes.

  • Genomics & Bioinformatics Unit

    The Genomics & Bioinformatics Unit speeds the translation of patient alleles into highly representative in vivo models of disease.

  • Pilot Projects

    Our pilot projects use mouse models to understand genetic determinants of the development and progression of disease and its response to therapy.

  • Publications and Success Stories

    See a list of significant publications resulting from the Center for Precision Disease Modeling.