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What do I need to do if I’m going to an appointment at MSK?

Before Your Appointment

  • Before your visit, we will ask you to complete a screening questionnaire that includes questions about any symptoms you may have and any recent travel. Screening for COVID-19 is an important part of preventing the spread of the disease.
  • Check your temperature before coming to MSK. If you have a fever (temperature greater than 100° F or 38° C) or develop any other cold or flu-like symptoms (cough, difficulty breathing, body aches, chills, or new loss of sense of taste or smell) after you complete the screening questionnaire, call your MSK doctor’s office before coming to MSK.

During Your Appointment

  • For the safety of our patients and staff, we are limiting the number of people in our facilities. We’ve spaced out the time between appointments, and we’ve reduced the number of visitors and guests allowed in our locations. Our updated visitor policy applies to all MSK inpatient and outpatient locations, including Memorial Hospital, and is in place until further notice. We understand how important it is for your loved ones to be part of your care, and we have a virtual visitor program to bring loved ones into your visit using the technology in our treatment areas or your own device. If you don’t have a phone or another device, we’re happy to lend you one to use during your appointment.
  • When you arrive at MSK, follow any special instructions your healthcare team provides. A member of our staff will give you a mask. Please wear that mask at all times. You’ll notice our staff is also wearing masks, and you may see people wearing other protective equipment as well, such as face shields.

After Your Appointment

  • When your appointment is finished, you can choose to check out at the desk on your way out or have us contact you to schedule any follow-up appointments.
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What is MSK doing to protect patients and staff?

We’ve put in place the strictest safety measures to ensure that you continue to receive the world-class cancer care you expect from us in the safest environment possible. These measures include:

  • Patient screenings: All patients are screened the day before any scheduled visit to MSK. Screenings are conducted via phone call, text message or MyMSK, our patient portal.
  • Limited contact: We continue to follow social distancing guidelines and are limiting the number of people who can enter our facilities. We’ve spaced out the time between patient visits and we’ve significantly reduced the number of visitors at our locations.
  • Curbside check-in: Wherever possible, we’ve minimized the need for you to wait in our waiting rooms and have new check-in procedures that can be completed from your car or our building entrances.
  • Clean and safe environment: We’ve further enhanced our cleaning efforts to disinfect and sanitize all high-touch and public areas. We also require all patients and staff to wear a mask at all times, which we provide to anyone entering our facilities who doesn’t have one. Some staff are also wearing gloves, gowns, face shields, and other equipment for your protection.
  • Staff health checks: All staff are screened for any signs of illness and perform daily health checks before reporting to work.
  • Testing: Our COVID-19 testing is operating at full capacity, enabling us to test patients and staff as frequently as necessary. We can also order antibody testing to identify previous infections in patients and staff.
  • Virtual express check-out: If you don’t want to stop by on your way out to schedule your next appointment, let us know and we’ll contact you for any follow-up appointments.
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Does MSK offer telemedicine visits for patients as an alternative to in-person visits?

Yes, MSK offers telemedicine visits. A telemedicine visit is when your healthcare provider uses a computer, smartphone, or tablet to see and talk with you. Ask your healthcare provider if a telemedicine visit is an option for you.

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Are MSK locations open?

Yes, our inpatient and outpatient clinical locations remain open, and our healthcare teams are ready to provide the care and treatment you need. Appointments are available for new and existing patients. You can schedule an in-person visit or, if you aren’t able or don’t want to come in for an appointment, you can request a telemedicine visit, where you can speak to us remotely from the comfort of your home.

To continue to provide you with safe, excellent care, we’ve temporarily moved to telemedicine visits or reduced the hours for some of our facilities:

  • Bendheim Integrative Medicine Center (open Mondays and Thursdays for select services)
  • Charles Hallac Patient Recreation Center (within Memorial Hospital)
  • Sillerman Center for Rehabilitation (relocated to the Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion at 53rd Street and the David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
  • MSK Ralph Lauren Center is open Monday through Friday
  • MSK Counseling Center (open three days per week, by appointment only. Additional in-person visits relocated to additional outpatient locations.)

The services we normally provide at these locations continue to be available at other locations and through telemedicine visits.

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Will MSK be canceling any appointments?

MSK is open and ready to care for you. If we need to reschedule one of your appointments for your safety, a member of your healthcare team will call you.

We understand it can be stressful to have a visit, treatment, procedure, or surgery rescheduled. Please know these decisions are being made by your doctor along with the rest of your healthcare team after carefully reviewing your medical care and needs. We will reschedule your appointment when your healthcare team thinks it’s safe.

If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming appointment or about coming to MSK, please contact your healthcare team.

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Is MSK accepting new patients?

Yes, MSK continues to accept new patients.

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How can I schedule an appointment at MSK?

You can request an appointment by calling your MSK doctor’s office, calling our Patient Access Service at 800-525-2225, or by visiting us online. For international patients, please call 212-639-4900.If you have questions about an upcoming appointment, or if your appointment was postponed, please call your MSK doctor’s office for more information or to reschedule if necessary.

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