Patient Portal: MyMSK

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Discover how MSK’s patient portal will keep you connected.
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MyMSK is a secure online portal that allows you or your caregivers, family, or friends to access information about your care at Memorial Sloan Kettering. You can use it to stay connected any time, even when you’re not here.

For New MSK Patients and Caregivers

Before your or your loved one’s first appointment, use MyMSK to:

  • upload medical records
  • manage appointments
  • find helpful tips for the day of the appointment
  • send secure, nonurgent messages about insurance, medical records, and other topics to the doctor’s office

For Current MSK Patients and Caregivers

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Learn how to enroll in MyMSK, a secure website that enables you to access information about your care at Memorial Sloan Kettering.
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If you or your loved one is already an MSK patient, use MyMSK to:

  • see test results
  • manage appointments
  • stay in touch with the care team
  • view and pay bills
  • view and print a summary of prior visits
  • learn more about your or your loved one’s disease and the support resources available to you

How to Enroll

Mobile app for iPhone and iPad

Search “MyMSK” in the Apple App Store to download


Go to

In person or by phone

For new MSK patients or caregivers, the patient care advisor who helps you make the first appointment can walk you through enrollment. You can also call 800-525-2225 for help signing up.

For current MSK patients or caregivers, ask a Care Coordinator (CC) to help you set up an account or to speak to the doctor’s office. You can also contact the Help Desk by email at [email protected] or by phone at 646-227-2593.