Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts Begins Next Phase of Recovery from a Stem Cell Transplant

Pictured: Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts says good-bye to her inpatient team at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts recently said good-bye to her Memorial Sloan Kettering inpatient treatment team, after being hospitalized for several weeks and receiving a stem cell transplant for the treatment of myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS). Ms. Roberts, who will continue to be followed closely as an outpatient, thanked her team of doctors, nurses, and staff who cared for her under the leadership of Sergio Giralt, Chief of the Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Service.

Ms. Roberts had been diagnosed with MDS, which arises in the bone marrow due to a disorder of hematopoietic stem cells, the immature cells from which all blood cells develop. Her treatment involved a transplant of healthy stem cells from a donor – known as an allogeneic stem cell transplant.

Ms. Roberts recently told Good Morning America that “My doctors and rock star nurses are very pleased with my progress, and I could not be more thankful for the excellent care I am receiving.”

To learn more about stem cell transplantation, read a Q&A from experts on our Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation Service about the procedure, the recovery process, and how to become a bone marrow or stem cell donor.

Visit Good Morning America to watch a video of Robin Roberts’s journey at Memorial Sloan Kettering.


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My Granddaughter had Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma 5 years ago, was given the Best of the Best treatment at MSKCH & She is Better than New!! Thank U GOD, Thank U MSKCHospital.......We are forever greatful!!


I am glad that Robin Roberts had a good experience at Sloan Kettering. My uncle, 75 years old with stage 4 colon cancer, had a difficult time. He was in the hospital for a month after his colon surgery. His surgeons had no bedside manner and the nurses (never the same once twice) were mediocre at best. He is still struggling to recover from surgery he had 6 months ago, and the doctors are stumped at why he is not improving.

Our Patient Representatives are committed to ensuring that the concerns of patients and their family members are addressed. We have sent them your comment, and you can contact them directly at 212-639-7202 to discuss this in more detail.

I am a graduate of MSKCC. I had stage 4 colon cancer. My wonderful team of Dr. Weiser, Dr. Fong, Dr. Kemeny and all the wonderful nurses at MSKCC saved my life. I am 9 years cancer free. I would like to THANK everyone at the Main Hospital and the Rockefeller Outpatient Pavillion for giving me a second chance on LIFE.

I have been going to MSKCC for six years now....Have nothing but good things to say about the care I received . Ortho Dr. Carol Morris saved my leg that was going to amputated....Then Dr. Robert Downey did lung surgery a few years later....exceptional care I received would not hesitate to refer anyone to the facility.....

Good for Robin Roberts. She is lucky she has insurance. My niece, on the other hand, has a recurrent Ewings sarcoma and can't get treatment at Sloan Kettering because she has no insurance. She is in the Bermuda Triangle of the uninsured... at age 27 she is kicked off her mother's cobra insurance and has to wait 6 months before she can apply for an insurance for existing conditions. Also, Medicaid application takes 45 days and may not get approved. Meanwhile she has a football size tumor rapidly growing in the chest, and time is running out. Bellevue Hospital in NYC is her only option at this time, and they are not even in the top 100 best cancer treatment hospitals. My niece will most likely die because she is not being allowed to get the best possible treatment for her condition. My sister is in NYC at this moment trying to find the best treatment for her daughter, Kaylin, and was denied by Sloan Kettering. That is shameful. If anyone reading this can help please contact me at this email: [email protected]

Thank you for reaching out. We spoke with a representative from our Patient Financial Services department, and received this response: “We do not deny care to anyone because of lack of insurance. When someone calls for an appointment and doesn’t have insurance, we start the financial assistance process which includes checking Medicaid eligibility. Lack of insurance is not an obstacle. We have contacted Ms. Moore to help her.”

Bravo to Sloan Ketterings' response team for not ignorind those who feel that they did not get the treatment they deserved. I am impressed that while you accept the praise, that you do something to corrrect those that are not pleased, for whatever the reason, and find solutions. THAT says a lot about Sloan Kettering. Good job. Respectively, Christine Barnathan, D.C.

Thanks to autocorrect, the above should say "ignoring" and "Respectfully" :)

dr tuttle is one of the best on the planet for thyroid cancer, and i could be happier or more pleased with every aspect of my care at MSKCC. as one employee once said to me while i was there for a scan: 'once you're at Sloan, you don't go anywhere else, we're the best'. i couldn't agree more. thank you!

I have been patient of Sloan Kettering battling breast cancer since 2004 and I want to thank the fantastic staff for all their hard work especially: Dr. Van Zee,
Dr. Fornier, Dr. Cordero and all their assistants. Thanks to them for all their support and help in battling this Cancer enemy. Thanks also to my great family and friends for their love and support. It is a constant challenge but we will not give up the fight.
My best to al the patients.
Maria fuccio
Maria fuccio

You go Robin I refer MSCC as the "Mother Ship" I was also there last March for my bone marrow transplant, they are the best of the best. I was treated with kit gloves the entire month. You are on the road to recovery. I also has to take care for my 100 days I will be 2 years old on March 21 that is when Sergio did my transplant. I hope to see you next year at the celebration for all of us bone marrow survivors one day at a time. I am back at work full time now, feeling terrific. Never better. You go Robin. All the love sent to you from my heart I know exactly what you are feeling.
All the best
Linda Mastroianni
West Babylon, NY

Yes, SK contacted Kaylin and her family (see Lesley Moore's submission above) but said they couldn't see her until they received all her records. This is an emergency. Kaylin is in immense pain and can't even get proper pain relief at Bellvue. SK needs to see her immediately and not wait for any reason. Please see her ASAP!!

I have Peripheral T-Cell Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma UnSpecified. I have yet to locate someone with the same presentation of my Cancer as I. I was referred to Dr. Steven Horwitz at Sloan-Kettering's Cancer Center because he is said to be The Top Doc for T-Cell Lymphomas. Mine is Rare. I am a 50 year old retired Paramedic. I have an appointment to see him on Monday, October 22. My Oncologist recommended that I consult with him for the best option for my Refractory T-Cell Lymphoma. I am impressed with the comments about the Facility and the Physicians.

I am happy and thankful to report that my niece got a consultation at MSKCC today, and hopefully will start treatment soon for a recurent Ewing's Sarcoma tumor growing in her chest, once the insurance red tape can be worked out. My sister says that, "Everyone at SK is just so compassionate, friendly, and helpful!" I want to say thank you to MSKCC for reading your own blog and responding with help. And continuing best wishes for Robin Roberts and her recovery.

As a Autologous Stem Cell transplant patient, I want to wish Robin the best. May God bless you, as he has me. February 1999 was when I had my transplant. From all that I have read about you and from watching you on Good Morning America, you have an enormous amount of faith. Hold on to that and the love of your family. My family and I will always keep you in positive thought. God Bless!!!!

My Autologous transplant was administered at MSKCC.
What a wonderful group of people. Everyone from doctors, nurses to aides, I received such loving and professional care, from then through today.

I heard this hospital was a great place for someone with any type of Cancer I would recommend my family and friends to MSKCC any day or time.Keep up the good work.

I was googling this hospital and found this thread, I am glad Robin is recovering. My mom just got diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and I am going nuts trying to get her the best care. Unfortunately she dropped her insurance over a year ago after she already had a benign tumor in her other breast. She was diagnosed in Ny Hospital of queens and I would like information on how I can get her car with MSKCC. We have means and assets just don't know how it works. Can someone help? 36yr old concerned son, please contact me at [email protected] for advice. Thank you

We are unable to answer specific medical questions on our blog. If you would like to make an appointment with a Memorial Sloan-Kettering physician, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. Thank you for your comment!

I was an autologous stem cell patient with Mantle Cell Lymphoma at Sloan Kettering in 2009. Great people from my doctor, to the infusion nurses ending with 3 weeks on the unit. I wish you all the best in the world and hope you are feeling back to normal quickly. God Bless you and make each day count!

My niece Phylicia Hosang has been diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer since August 12, 2012. Requests have been made by her oncologists from Maimonides and New York Methodist hospitals for her to be treated at Sloan as 6 treatments of chemotherapy have been unsuccessful on Thursday , January 17, 2013 the family was told that she has been denied due to her Health First Insurance (Medicaid). She is now admitted in New York Methodist Hospital due to ascites and there is no help.

We have discussed your concern with the Director of Patient Representatives. You can speak with him directly at 212.639.8254 to discuss this issue. Thank you for reaching out!

I too had a stem cell transplant at MSKCC 2 years ago and Dr Giralt and his entire staff were great

Hi, Rich, we are glad to know that you felt well-cared for by Dr. Giralt and the rest of your care team at MSK. Thank you for your kind words!

my daughter is currently receiving treatment for AML at Moffitt in Tampa. She was told she needs a BMT. Her only sibling is not a match. She has medicaid insurance and wants to come home to Penna. Can she be treated at Sloan?

Dear Kathy, we are sorry to hear about your daughter’s diagnosis. Please reach out to our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. The staff there can answer your questions about insurance coverage for care at MSK and make an appointment for a consultation with the most appropriate physician for her condition. Thank you for reaching out to us.