Meet Head and Neck Surgeon Ian Ganly


Head and neck surgeon Ian Ganly explains that experts in all disciplines – including medical oncology, radiation oncology, and surgery – work together as a team to deliver treatments offering the best results possible for patients.


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The only thing that I can say about Dr. Ian Ganly is "I adore him!!
He is the best as a Dr. and as a human being, he is so humble, he understands what a person goes through when de diagnosis comes back positive. He has the human touch, the words and the way to say things to make us feel comfortable even through the pain and the uncertainty.
He saved my life, he is an Angel, I will never have enough words nor time to express my gratitude, my admiration my appreciation and respect for the BEST DOCTOR EVER!!

He has been an excellent Doctor for myself and a friend. He is knowledgable and takes the time to listen to concerns. I would recommend him for any person concerned about cancer in the neck area.

Compassionate doctor. The best of the best. Gave hope from day one and treated me, as well as my family, with the utmost respect and dignity and answered every question we threw at him three and a half years ago regarding my Stage four tonsil cancer. And I'm doing fine.

There is no finer doctor than Dr. Ganley. I mean this in every aspect. The way he handles his patients through very difficult times is amazing. He is brilliant, calming, pleasant, and extremely understanding. We are lucky to have him for our doctor. He is the best!!!!!

Dr. Ian Ganly is the type of doctor that you can trust with your life. He is the best surgeon for cancer of the head and neck and truly cares for his patients. If one is unfortunate to have cancer you will not find any doctor more knowledgeable, caring and professional than Dr. Ian Ganly.

Dr Ganly Saved my life..Im 2 years cancer free .He always made me feel comfortable and is a very caring and dedicated doctor.I look forward to my follow up visits with him. His team and staff are exceptional .I had stage 4 Cancer of the tongue ,lymph and tonsil.He Is by far my angel.

I am a 73 years old smoker. I just changed
my voice from 5 months ago.
I visited Dr Ron mitzner (LIJ)on may 9th.
He said name is larynx leukoplakia and biopsy
will do may 15th.
I wish I want to take treatment from you.
Please give me schedule or I call