New Information about Multiple Myeloma Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Sergio Giralt, interim Chief of the Myeloma Service

Sergio Giralt, interim Chief of the Myeloma Service

Each year, more than 400 people come to Memorial Sloan Kettering for treatment of multiple myeloma and related plasma cell diseases, making our multiple myeloma team one of the most experienced in the nation.

Explore our newly updated guide to multiple myeloma and other plasma cell disorders to learn about how we use state-of-the-art diagnostics and are developing new methods such as microarray analysis and DNA sequencing to better determine prognosis and optimal treatment strategies.

We combine these diagnostic tools with treatments such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy, as well as stem cell transplantation to ensure our patients receive the most-sophisticated care available.

Searching for Solutions

Simultaneously, our researchers are developing new agents for cancer treatment at a faster rate than at any time since chemotherapeutic drugs were introduced in the late 1940s. Relying in part on information that is emerging about the genetic basis of multiple myeloma, our investigators are pursuing a variety of strategies to find better drugs to control the disease through clinical trials and other means.

We also provide support for bone-related problems and our pain specialists are available around the clock to ensure that our patients are treated promptly and effectively.

Every patient receives personalized treatment from a multidisciplinary team of experts that includes specialists in hematologic oncology, radiation oncology, pathology, bone marrow transplantation, and more. The team works collaboratively to create a treatment plan focused on giving each patient the best chance of survival and highest possible quality of life.

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A Dedicated Myeloma Service

In 2012, Memorial Sloan Kettering established a formal Myeloma Service consisting of 12 physicians who have a particular focus in treating multiple myeloma.

“The creation of a self-standing myeloma service at Memorial Sloan Kettering is proof of our dedication to the care of patients with these malignancies,” says interim Service Chief Sergio A. Giralt. “Ever since Joseph Michaeli developed our myeloma program into one of the nation’s largest in the 1990s, Memorial Sloan Kettering has been a leader in treating this disease, and we are privileged that we can bring his efforts to fruition.”

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Dr.Giralt administered my stem cells last year....great Dr. very nice.

The entire myeloma team @ MSKCC is great. My involvement is/was with Dr. David Chung, Dr. Heather Landau and Dr. Sergio Giralt not to mention all the great people on M8 and M14 who do fantastic work day after day and go the extra mile in care giving, treatment and especially support.

I'm a new diagnosis and prognosis African-American woman age 64 yrs with multiple myeloma. Stage lll having done MRI,PETSCAN and bone marrow biopsy. I live SI, NY. Do you accept HIP insurance? I'm starting treatments of
VRD, plus Zometa 4mg IV monthly, and ASA 81mg

Dear Marilynn, we are sorry to hear about your diagnosis. Memorial Sloan Kettering is an in-network provider with HIP Medicaid. You will need a one-time referral from your primary care doctor. For more information, please visit If you would like to make an appointment, please call our Physician Referral Service at 800-525-2225. Thank you for reaching out to us.

my brother in law was recently dx. with multi-myeloma. He is being treated locally in North Carolina, we have not contacted Duke or UNC Chapel Hill, I was told that you all do great work in this area. I am currently researching options for him. Thanks.