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Eli Papemmanuil
Elli Papaemmanuil, PhD

Our lab is a collective of clinical, computational, molecular and mathematic research investigators with an interest in studying the role of acquired mutations in cancer development, and how these determine clinical phenotype and response to therapy. Our mission is to execute research that informs and moves clinical practices in oncology forward. We have strong expertise in genome profiling analysis, a proven track record on the development of high-throughput laboratory and analytical pipelines (bioinformatics and statistical), and integrating large and complex genomic datasets. We have formed a strong network of research and clinical collaborations to pursue innovative studies in cancer research.

We like to perform ambitious research, but operate in a fun, collaborative, and team-oriented environment, and we are strongly committed to mentoring young scientists through internal and international internship schemes.

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The Elli Papaemmanuil Lab


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Eli Papemmanuil

Elli Papaemmanuil, PhD

  • Molecular geneticist Elli Papaemmanuil performs systematic interrogations of well-annotated clinical trial cohorts in leukemia and cancer to explore how the compound genetic and clonal architecture in patients' leukemias and tumors dictate clinical phenotype, disease progression, and clinical outcomes.
  • PhD – University of London, London, England, UK
[email protected]
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Juan E. Arango-Ossa

Bioinformatics Engineer III

Georgios Asimomitis, Computational Biologist II
Georgios Asimomitis

Computational Biologist II

Elsa  Bernard, PhD
Elsa Bernard

Research fellow

Dylan Domenico

Bioinformatics Engineer I

Gunes Gundem, Postdoctoral Fellow
Gunes Gundem

Research Fellow

Jesus, Gutierrez-Abril, Research Fellow
Jesus Gutierrez-Abril

Research Fellow

Max Levine
Max Levine

Senior Computational Biologist I

Joseph G. McCarter
Joseph G. McCarter

Computational Biologist, Sr I

Noushin Rahnamay Farnoud
Noushin Rahnamay Farnoud

Computational Biologist, Sr II

Kayleigh Rutherford, Computational Biologist II
Kayleigh Rutherford

Computational Biologist II

Maria Sirenko, Graduate Student
Maria Sirenko

GSK Graduate Student

Yanis Tazi, Graduate Student, Tri-I Institutional PhD Program
Yanis Tazi

Graduate Student, Tri-I Institutional PhD Program

Yangyu Zhou, Bioinformatics Engineer I
Yangyu Zhou

Bioinformatics Engineer II

Lab Alumni
Seon Ball

Administrative Assistant II

Antonin Berthon

Graduate Research Assistant

Maheetha Bharadwaj, Computational Biologist I
Maheetha Bharadwaj

Computational Biologist I

Kelly  Bolton
Kelly Bolton


Matthieu Cornet

Graduate Research Assistant

Robert de Massy
Marc Robert de Massy

Visiting scientists

Andre Deslauriers, Graduate Research Asst
Andre Deslauriers

Graduate Research Assistant

Teng Gao
Teng Gao

Computational Biologist II

Dominik Glodzik
Dominik Glodzik

Associate Manger, Computational Biologist

Pierre F. Guilmin

Graduate Research Assistant

Juan Medina
Juan Medina

Bioinformatics Engineer II, Leukemia Genomics

Matahi Moarii, Postdoctoral Fellow
Matahi Moarii

Research Fellow

Yoann Pradat, Graduate Research Asst
Yoann Pradat

Graduate Research Asst

Komal  Rathi
Komal Rathi

Bioinformatics Engineer II, Leukemia Genomics

Yellapantula Venkata, Bioinformatics Engineer II
Yellapantula Venkata

Bioinformatics Engineer II

Elliot Youth
Elliot Youth


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