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Pictured: Hans-Guido Wendel
At Work: Cancer Biologist Hans-Guido Wendel
Cancer biologist Hans-Guido Wendel focuses on modeling the genetics of tumor initiation, progression, and treatment response in vivo. We spoke with Dr....
Hans-Guido Wendel
Tree-Derived Cancer Drug Shows Promise in Treating COVID-19 Virus
Summary Researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering in collaboration with scientists in Germany have discovered that an investigational cancer d...
In the Lab
CT scan showing lymphoma in the abdomen between the liver and the gallbladder.
A Metabolic Enzyme Drives Lymphoma and Is a Potential Drug Target
Summary Scientists at the Sloan Kettering Institute have found that increased activity of a normal metabolic enzyme can lead to cancer. The e...
An illustration of sugar pouring onto NRF2
Sugar Directly Controls a Cancer-Causing Protein, Scientists Find
Summary A study in mice conducted by researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute identifies sugar as a key regulator of a cancer-causing pro...
In the Lab
A scientist looks at illustrations of chromosomes.
When Loss Is a Gain: New Tumor Suppressor Gene Identified in Follicular Lymphoma
Summary Follicular lymphoma is a slow-growing yet incurable form of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. New research is shedding light on the molecular causes o...
In the Lab
Illustration of CAR T cells with conveyor belts leading out of them carrying HVEM protein in tablet form.
New Immunotherapy Approach Turns Cells into “Micro-Pharmacies”
Summary Researchers have modified CAR T cells to produce a protein called HVEM that could treat lymphoma. When injected, the cells naturally zero ...
In the Lab
Stained pathology slides of a patient’s tumor (right) and of an organoid made from that tumor (left).
Five Fascinating Approaches to Cancer Science
SummaryFrom tropical plants and 3-D snapshots of worms to tiny particles that light up tumors, here’s a glimpse at some of the fascinating work MSK res...
In the Lab
Pictured: Experimental Brain Tumor
Genetic “Kill Switch” Could Make Cell Therapies Safer
Summary Researchers have engineered a gene into therapeutic cells that allows them to turn off tumor growth if some of the cells become cancerous....
In the Lab
An origami crane illustrates the importance of RNA folding for regulating gene translation. The bolded sequences on the crane’s wings indicate the portion that is critical for the manufacture of many cancer-causing proteins.
Compound from Tropical Plant Targets Key Cancer-Causing Genes
Summary Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers have found a naturally occurring compound that can destroy cancer cells in mice by targeting MYC, a c...
DNA Pioneer Takes Aim at "Cancer Establishments"
Cancer biologists Mark Ptashne, Robert Benezra, and Hans-Guido Wendel commented on the promise and challenges of new treatments for cancer....
Pictured: Hans-Guido Wendel
Genetic Causes of Blood Cancers Explored
SummaryGerman-born cancer biologist Hans-Guido Wendel is taking advantage of transformative advances in genomics technology to understand key genetic a...
Recipients of the Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Young Investigators Fund, pictured with Mr. Gerstner. (From left) Iestyn Whitehouse, Hans-Guido Wendel, Mr. Gerstner, Stephen Long, and Timothy Chan.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Names First Gerstner Fund Recipients
Summary Memorial Sloan Kettering has announced the creation of the Louis V. Gerstner, Jr. Young Investigators Fund and has named the fund's first ...