Nikola P. Pavletich: Featured News

Structure of an intermediate during the homologous recombination reaction.
Wielding Powerful Imaging Tools, MSK Researchers Decipher Process of DNA Repair
Summary Using cryo-electron microscopy, researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have gained an important insight into how cells repair broken...
In the Lab
Pictured: Three-dimensional structure of the protein mTOR
A Recently Revealed Protein Structure Creates New Opportunities for Cancer Research and Drug Design
SummaryIn an eagerly awaited study, Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers report on the molecular structure of mTOR, a protein commonly mutated in cance...
Pictured: Nikola Pavletich and Alexander Rudensky
Two Memorial Sloan Kettering Investigators Named to National Academy of Sciences
SummaryStructural Biology Program Chair Nikola P. Pavletich and immunologist Alexander Y. Rudensky have received one of the highest honors given to sci...