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A collage of photos showing a zebrafish with GFP-labeled melanocytes, magnified GFP-labeled melanocytes, and hPSC-derived melanocytes growing in a dish.
Why Are Only Some Cells ‘Competent’ to Form Cancer? MSK Scientists Say Context Is Key
Right now, in your body, lurk thousands of cells with DNA mistakes that could cause cancer. Yet only in rare instances do these DNA mistakes, called ge...
A doctor examines a mole.
Don't Scratch That Mole? Scientists Are Learning More about Inflammation and Cancer
Summary Scientists are learning that inflammation can play a role in cancer development. This is one example of how the environment surround...
Large cells filled with yellow-colored fat
Cancer Cells Eat Fat to Grow and Spread
Summary Researchers at the Sloan Kettering Institute have discovered that melanoma cells in zebrafish use fat from nearby fat cells to fuel their ...
In the Lab
Pictured: Casper zebrafish
Studying Cancer Mysteries Just Beneath the Scales
Summary Physician and cell biologist Richard White is using zebrafish to study cancer development. The fish are generating new insights into why o...
Pictured: Craig Thompson
Watch Webcast of “Major Trends” Seminar — Annual Event for High School Students
Summary Memorial Sloan Kettering’s annual seminar exposes high school students and their teachers to cutting-edge scientific research. Watch ...